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Black Pearl Tales
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Ahoy, Mates!

Ship out for adventure with fellow fans of the swashbuckling movie series...Captain Erin's Fanfiction & Nautical Notes

Pirates of the Caribbean
Curse of the Black Pearl ~ Dead Man's Chest ~ At World's End ~ On Stranger Tides


     Black Pearl Tales is the official archive for Black Pearl Sails and Black Pearl Library, two Yahoo groups that offer safe harbor* to dedicated fanfiction writers. Our members truly want to tell a rousing good tale, and thrive on the camaraderie of fellow members who aid and support the creative spirit.

     Here at Black Pearl Tales you will find drabbles, stories, vignettes, poems, and multi-chapter sagas. There is also a page with links to useful historical and piratical resources, in case you'd like to try your hand at writing, or just want to browse.

     Black Pearl Tales is an on-going project, begun in July 2005. It will take some time to get all our work posted, and new work will be added as it is written, so keep checking back. For great links to longer works by members and non-members alike, see Captain Erin's Rec Page. To leave feedback for any of our authors, or for information about Black Pearl Tales, email the webmaster.

* Black Pearl Sails and Library are both Non-Slash writing groups, and ratings do not exceed soft 'R'.




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